Our First ‘Exam’

Daisy passed her first exam yesterday, it didn’t have any real scoring system as such, but we think she passed.

It was the health visitors 6-9 month check, where they try and get the baby to perform (we think daisy has a ‘performing seal’ complex and won’t do things to order) or more likely just ask the Mum if they do things, so we got asked

Can daisy roll over?
Yes, all the way around the room
does she recognise your voice from another room?
How do you know your in the other room? (but the answer is yes, because I see here look around for Ruth every morning when she is coming down the stairs)
Can she pick stuff up
Oh Yes, if only to throw it back on the floor again
Does she look at far away things like birds and planes
Can’t say we pay that much attention to that one, but we will now.

She got all the other standard things like length and weight, measurements, and I turns out that Daisy is now fat! So Ruth got lectured on giving her to many biscuits (daisy doesn’t get biscuits).

In reality, it was probably more to do with the fact that she was weighed right after a massive lunch, never-the-less she weighed in at 20 pounds! Which puts her back on the 75th percentile, which is where we where when she was born (she has been slipping down ever since).

We had another go at crawling when we got home, but we still haven’t quite got that hang of that, when we straighten our leg out, we cause ourselves to roll over, once we’ve sussed that we will be flying around the room. I am dreading that day, when I look around the room, all I can see is sharp edges and loose wires.