Daddy and Daisy: Part 3

Important stuff first, Ruth has had the Op, and all went well, I got the groggy phone call, at around 3 ish, when All Ruth knew was that she was awake again, people seemed happy and she had three holes in her stomach. They have removed only the thing they wanted to and nothing else, and Ruth says the pain isn’t as bad as she expected, when I went to visit, she was on two paracetamol, which isn’t bad at all.

Daisy’s bed time has just gone better that we could have hoped, Daisy has drank her milk from a cup, and is in bed ‘asleep’ and it only took ten minutes, she’s been fantastic all day, for me anyway. Apparently she had a bit of a melt down on the Gilberts when I left her there before going to see Ruth, but she calmed down a bit. When I came back, Daisy was just about to get her bath, and I did hear the odd scream, but she seemed to be ok even then.

She was a bit puzzled when I fed her, in an effort to keep it all associated with bed time, I gave her the last milk in the bed room with the curtains drawn, just like the last feed with mummy, and Daisy knew it, she kept looking around, she knew someone was missing. Fortunately the novelty of drinking milk from a cup and daddy sitting in the chair, swayed it to a fun thing from a major trauma. I’m still not convinced she’s gone to sleep total, but so far so good.

Dasiy daddy day has one last episode, tommorow morning, which given how mornings usally start with daddy shouldn’t be to bad (famous last words!)