Daisy Day: part2

Daisy Playing, just nowit’s lunch time, well to be more precise it’s just past lunch time., and where holding out, Daisy has spent quite a lot of time playing with toys, at a point of insanity last week, I organized loads of people to come and give me quotes on work that needed doing to the house today, so it’s been a bit frantic this morning, especially when British Gas phoned up, and asked if today was a good day to come and service the fire!

but that’s all over for the day, we are approaching nap number two, I’m a bit worried that we are ahead of schedule, if Dasiy goes for a nap now, it’s going to be a long time till bed time. So I’m thinking of holding out until one, she’s not actually looking that tired, just now, she is sitting in the chair, with pink and blue (they two toys with the least imaginative names in the house), but I don’t think that will last long.