Our Fruit Bowl was on Telly!

Well the Gilberts where really, but our fruit bowl was on the table.

It had been coming for a while. Around six weeks ago, the Gilberts where filmed, for a section of Songs of Praise, All about Dr Barnardo’s. As Chris and Tess (and Kirsten and Emily), are fostering two children though Barnardo’s, and where asked to be part of the program, on the telly!!

I know Chris was a bit anxious this morning because they hadn’t actually seen the finished thing, they like us had to wait until tonight. It was very good, it portrayed them as nice people with caring hearts which is good, because they are.

Emily’s bit was particularly good, “people think we’re amazing… Which is nice… But where not”.

How our fruit bowl got on the telly is all part of the magic that is TV, and shall remain a secret, just like the real location of there couch. (i.e. not the middle of the room!).

Songs of Praise, Factsheet