Kevin gets Arty…. Again!

Yes, it must be that time again, I’ve gone all arty and creative, well I’ve attempted to.

the plan I’ve had for a while, was to do some painting and fill some of the blank walls in the dining room wall. I am aiming for a Jackson Pollock type picture, which to the uninitiated look like paint thrown at canvas. Before I go of and spend all the money on the canvas I thought I would experiment.

So yesterday I got some of my oil paints from last time out, and tried some paint throwing, except that didn’t really work, oil paints are two thick to get the effect. Indeed Jackson Pollock used household paints for his paintings. However we’ve only got White gloss, and I thought that wouldn’t really have a good effect on white paper. So I tried inkjet ink (we’ve got some left over, and we’ve thrown the printer out), that is far to runny. So I’ve ended up with two spotty paintings.

splat one

as you can see, it’s a fascinating, mixture of art and mess, and conveys the artist’s worry and ….

then one of my later works

splat two

These aren’t quite what I was after, and to be honest I don’t really count them as art, the next experiment calls for some tester pots of household gloss.

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