Potatoes : It’s marketing not a protest

Remove the phrase Couch Potato from the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), because it’s derogatory towards potatoes.

Apparently, they are going to protest, outside parliament square (while they still can), and the offices of the Oxford University Press. I don’t see how, they are going to stop people saying Couch Potato, and hence how they are going to stop the OED from putting it in the dictionary; that would make for a good book it contains all the words people don’t object to, it would cut down of printing costs.

1 thought on “Potatoes : It’s marketing not a protest

  1. The problem with the OED is that no-one knows whether it’s supposed to dictate the language, or merely reflect it. We habitually declare that if it’s not in the dictionary it’s not a word (cf, rules of scrabble), but if you keep using the word, it appears in the dictionary. It’s very perplexing.

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