Not getting stressed…. Honest.

I’ve resolved with myself this year; I’m not going to get stressed out over work, during the summer.

last summer it all got a bit stressful in work, people as is there want go on holiday in the summer, and given we get huge amounts of leave people often go on quite long holidays. I’m no exception but over the last couple of years my holidays have fallen outside of the traditional summer period (if you don’t have children, then why pay the school holiday premiums) last year it was India (technically 2003, but in my leave year) and this year daisy has taken up most of my holidays. So once again I find myself holding the fort up in the tower.

last year we had some difficulties, to put it mildly, where it fell to me, as the next in line to solve the problems. That got me quite stressed, and I lost some hair, a little patch in the middle of my head. It’s taken all year to come back, and even though it’s silver, I’m not intent on losing it again this year.

the problem is this year, is potentially worse. Currently two members of my team (I say my team, It’s not so much ‘my’ team and more the team I am on) have gone on there long term summer hols, including project leader Stuart. And the third cog Peter has carelessly gone and got himself hospitalized with Acute & chronic kidney failure. It’s not that I begrudge any one their holidays or indeed their kidneys. But it does leave the ‘DES’ team a little light. infact it’s down to one, me.

usually one member wouldn’t be two bad, but as you can guess, hospitalization wasn’t planned on Peter’s part so there isn’t a neat pile of instructions to pick up where he has left things. As a result some quite simple tasks are proving rather difficult. on top of that is the planned workload of the summer, just a little matter of an upgrade there, a complete new system here, and the odd bit of critical end of year work over there.

Well this year, I’m not getting stressed about it all, I’m doing what I can, and people will just have to live with that. If I can’t do it, then well it will just have to wait, and if it can’t wait? Well then it will just have to learn to wait.

I could get stressed out about it all, but at the end of the day, I currently have two options, I can spend days tearing my hair out, looking and failing to do something followed on by what I consider to be my best guess which will probably make it worse (I did this today at one point, doh). Or I can look, make sure I can’t do it, and then say so.

maybe I could get some stress toys on expenses that would be fun.