Fantasy Relocation Relocation,

I had a spare few minutes at the end of the day, So i looked at houses, and ever since i’ve been annoying Ruth with my fantasy relocation, relocation.

of course to the Isle of Wight, on relocation relocation they often buy two properties, one usally in the city for work, and a weekend/stay at home mum, house for the family. Well that doesn’t really suit us, so I’m going for a home, in the super nice St Lawrence at the southern tip of the island, with our income coming from Ventnor. Ten minutes down the road. given that we have a house worth around ?190,000 (it would appear!) and a mortgage of approx ?60,000 (including car). here is my fantasy relocation:

?119,000 : Two Bedroom Apartment : Undercliffe Drive St Lawrence; Stunning views, of the see (when there is no fog!) and two rooms, so one for us and one for Dasiy, there not to small. so that would be ok.

This is the View, the lower blue thing is the Sea

And then i can either;
buy a shop outright on ventnor high street for ?79,000 or rent a shop for ?6,000 a year, also on ventnor high street.

I Can Buy this Shop (Just the shop) ?79,000.

or I Could Rent this Shop (?6,000)

I’ve thought (probably to much) about it, and my shop would be a trendy Coffee shop, something you might be suprised to learn Ventnor doesn’t have. I think there is enough of a market, even out of the summer season, to keep you going. I might even have a few pooters, and definitely wireless, you’ve got to keep your hand in. I wouldn’t do anything more exiting than grilled toaties things, and muffins, and i would almost certainly source them from somewhere. the only real skill i would need to master is how to make nice coffee.

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  1. For the benefit of any of our friends and family who may be reading this, and becoming increasingly excited/horrified at the idea of our moving to the Isle of Wight, I feel bound to point out that it won’t happen. We are far, far, far too wimpy to up sticks and move to the other end of the country, away from all our friends and family, even though that end of the country is so much warmer, nicer and prettier than this end.

    Sorry to disappoint…

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