A truly Indian List,

Apparently they’ve opened a major section of the Metro in Delhi, When we visited they where digging the tunnel at Connaught Place; mainly by hand it has to be said.

Anyone who’s visited India, will remember the lists (like the massive one at Customs in the Airport), well now they have the metro, they have a new excuse to come up with lists. This is of the do’s and dont’s of the Metro.


  • Do stand in queue.
  • Do limit your baggage to 15 Kgs, not exceeding 60 cm (Length) X 45 cm (Breadth) X 25 cm ( Height) in size.
  • Do use the dustbins.
  • Do stand on the left side of the escalators and while moving keep to the right.
  • Do move away from escalators immediately after use.
  • Do make way for the physically challenged.
  • Do remember that the train stops for 30 seconds only.
  • Do show your tickets to Metro personnel, when asked to.
  • Do consider the comfort of your fellow passengers.
  • Do abstain from drunken and unruly behaviour.
  • Do take care of your valuables.
  • Do contact Metro Police for assistance.
  • Do contact female security personnel in case of any problem ( for lady passengers)


  • Don’t bring eatables inside the station premises.
  • Don’t bring pets inside.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Don’t carry firearms.
  • Don’t travel without your smart card or token.
  • Don’t jump over the ticket barrier.
  • Don’t share your card or token with another person on the same journey.
  • Don’t cross the yellow line on the platform.
  • Don’t step onto the Metro tracks.
  • Don’t travel on the roof of the train.
  • Don’t try to force the doors open.
  • Don’t deface or put up posters inside the Metro station or train.
  • Don’t step on the Tactiles meant for the visually impaired. ????
  • Don’t use the lift, it is meant for the physically challenged.

Now your starter for 10, how many of these rules will actually be obeyed by the travelling public?

in the list of fines we have

  • Travelling on the roof or any other part of the train, not intended for the use of the passengers, will result in a fine of Rs. 50/- (about 65p? or have i got my units wrong?) or imprisonment of 1 month or both.