Fizzle Pop,

Nice and easy day to day, I actually thought I might beable to get my head down and do some coding (that is what they pay me for after all). It’s all been a bit of a ‘mare what with most of the department either on holiday or in hospital. I’ve been playing consort to all sorts of problems, from my email doesn’t work, to, the finance system isn’t letting me in.

not the wires in our
machine room, but close

Anyway today started OK, the wrestling continued with the LDAP Perl scripts from hell, for my sins I have ended up as the departmental ‘expert’ on plugging systems into our active directory, more often than not, this means taking some badly written documentation and converting it into some sort of meaning full configuration file, that usually doesn’t work, because the documentation missed some vital piece of information off, like set value x to Y. Anyway that out of the way, I was just getting into the idea of code, (GINA Modifications for those that care) when… fillzle pop, doing!! We had a power spike (the doing is the two 17″ monitors coming back on).

So I’ve spent most of the afternoon (no all of the afternoon) in the machine room, going through the list we have pinned to the wall,which tells us in what order the 100 machines need to be brought up (don’t get me started on why our machine room, falls foul to power spikes).