The Danger that Lies Beneath

From boing boing, and the Guardian

Swimmers Insured for ?1million against Nessy Bite.

With so many top athletes in the water of Loch Ness at one time, we couldn’t take the risk of one of them being attacked by Nessie,” said David Hart of the firm Nova International.

“The competitors will all be very psyched up and very driven, so there’s going to be a lot of noise and a lot of splashing going on, just the sort of thing that might annoy a prehistoric lake monster. Or even worse, give it an appetite.”

Not everyone welcomes the insurance deal, though. The official Loch Ness Monster Fan Club took exception to the suggestion that Nessie would attack anyone – however much they splashed.

Well it really depends on who you believe, I don’t think sporty-ness, from the Family Ness would ever bite someone, (yes, you can indeed knock it, or rock it, or indeed fly to timbucktu, but I doubt you will never find a nessy in the zoo!). Where as I’ve seen the utral realistic The Evil Beneath Loch Ness. And that nessy does bite, especially when you fire depth charges at it.