The Famous Ferry with ‘Famous’ people

“Imagine Diane, 150-200 years ago this place was a hub of activity, and the activity was immigrates, not just from Ireland, but from around the world” (walks out of ear shot)

That’s right today we where extras in some ‘North West thing on BBC2 about the north west on BBC2’. We didn’t mean to be, it’s been a fantastic day (all-beit a bit hot), and such are some of the luxury’s still afforded to me working in the public sector, I took the afternoon off (hey I get holiday and I am entitled to take it!).

By half eight, Daisy was already showing signs not coping with the day. So after Ruth phoned me at work, I decided I would take the afternoon off too, and we would all go on the ferry. Our philosophy goes “no matter how hot it is, you are always cold if you go on the ferry”, that wasn’t quite true today, but it probably was still one of the coolest places in Liverpool.

You’ll never guess where I took this picture from

it was all very nice, quite crowded, and yes we had a bit of a argument about where best to feed Daisy, but that all went away, and we sat down and watched the biggest pile of scrap you have ever seen float by the window, and then Diane Oxberry was swanning (swanning may be a bit of an exaggeration, sitting in a chair eating a butty, maybe a better one) around the boat, I think they where filming some Liverpool history thing. We know this because when we got off the boat they followed us.

After the ferry; Daisy may well have been fed but we where hungry, so we strolled over to the Albert Dock, and for a change went to Est,Est,Est and not the Tate cafe, for lunch, and then Diane Oxberry turns up again, with some very scouse bloke, who at first we thought was just the director, trying to enthuse her with the facts as they walked the little bit of dock right by where we sat, but later we realized he was the ‘expert’ who was expounding his knowledge to Ms Oxberry, while they strolled (very good shot I have no doubt). They did the same piece for about 45 minutes, which is the same time it takes to order food, get served and eat it. There is a high possibility that I at least will be on telly, well the back of my head will, while they walk past. I think they framed Daisy, out of shot because they where worried she would upstage them, something she was no doubt doing at the beginning with her wooden spoon on the table tricks.

I have to say the knowledge the expert was expounding wasn’t ground breaking (see top) apparently the Albert Dock is old, and Liverpool had lots of immigrants, mainly from Ireland.

we however had a lovely afternoon, much much nicer than sitting in an office with dickey air conditioning, and noisy computers.

as for reflective glory, I overhead Ms Oxberry on the boat, say of Daisy “isn’t she just gorgeous”, and Ruth says, because a person who is famous, (and not famous because of a crime) says our baby is gorgeous, we all get reflective glory.