Job Evaluation,

I’m not a great fan of Job Evaluation, for one it’s not very moral boosting to be asked to describe your job in detail to your own managers, it smacks a bit of them not actually knowing what you do.

It’s quite a lot of work, to go back and workout in detail what exactly your job is. Your always a bit unsure if something is a critical part of your job or not, but then too afraid to miss that out in case it goes against you.

So today I find myself in the position of filling out a Role descriptor from for my job (it’s all part of a move by all universities onto a single national pay spine (Actual Agreement)), and I can tell you it’s one yewge form, I’ve spent all of the morning filling it out, after going through it briefly at least two times, and now my brain hurts. Apparently it will only take 3 hours, but so far I’ve probably spent around 6 hours on it, and I’m not finished.

The real problem I’m having is shoehorning my technical post into a form designed to describe an academic related job, so there is a large section on teaching and learning, and another on research, that I dare not leave blank (I do occasional do some informal teaching, so does that count?), but equally I don’t want to over exaggerate what I do.

Then there is the grey line that appears to have been drawn between the job I do, and role I fill, if I am being asked to fill in and give examples of the things I do on a day to day basis I think this is my job, but it’s all apparently to do with my role. now given my job is quite specific (programming) but my job title is very generic (everyone in the department is a computing officer) what is my role and what is my job?

then there is the little issue of whether or not it matters, the whole pay unification system is based around getting the two primary pay scales used in universities (academic, and APT&C) unified. Well I’m not on either of them I’m on a local contract, and as of yet we don’t know if this will even effect us (but we do have to fill our the form).