Daisy, Clapping and Waving.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about daisy her, and for those of you who check regularly, I’m sorry. It’s been a bit hectic over the last month with a number of other things (that we will tell you about in due time, on the other blog).

We’ll first things first, we all know you’ve come her to see pictures of our beautiful daughter, so her is daisy, playing with her hat, on a recent trip to parkgate on the wirral.

Daisy is doing very well, thanks for asking, we still haven’t mastered crawling yet, and to be honest I don’t think we will bother, sometimes it looks like we are going to try, but then we just roll-over, Daisy can get anywhere by rolling, and is a big enough handful like this thank you very much.

Our big achievements over the last few weeks have been clapping, and waving goodbye to people, mainly to Jelly and Jackson at the end of the storymakers. Clapping just happened, after loads of prompting by daddy, and ignoring by Daisy. It was our friend Eric, who just randomly did the clapping motion and got the response. Since then we like to clap when ever we can, not that we make loads of noise, but it is fun.

Sounds are good things too, we are trying to say Mummy, but at the moment, we can’t tell how to do the Mmmm sound, it always comes out as a B, so every time we try mummy, we get Bbbbbubb, I think we are only days away from mummy, but we will see.

Our other favourites sound games, involve coping and out doing other people, the cough game is good, where we do little gentle coughs whenever anybody else does. And then there is the game nobody else can win the screaming game. Mummy Starts with a reasonably good high pitched scream and Daisy just up the pitch a little bit, if anybody gets close to me (like Niamh did the other day) then Daisy just goes of into sounds only dogs can hear.