Harry Potter Day,

You didn’t think we were normal did you? Yes, we read the Harry potter books, it’s not like we are mad mad Harry potter fans or anything, there was no queuing outside borders at midnight to get a copy to read through the night, oh no, our copy arrived with the post this morning right from Amazon.

Harry PotterWe are mellowing to; this time around we only got one copy. For the last couple of books we got two copies delivered so we could both read them it at the same time, but to be honest, the lack of decent editing down (here’s me with three years of drivel on the internet, complaining about editorial control) meant that the fourth and fifth books dragged on a bit.. The good news is that this book isn’t as long as the last two, true it’s 606 pages, but at least it bucks the trend of ever increasing storyline.

I’m quite happy to read Artemis Fowl:The Opal Deception, while Ruth reads Harry potter, she’s already about a third of the way though it, so I don’t have long to wait.