Graduations All week,

The Cathedral, where
we graduate students.

It’s been graduation week at the university, and as is now the custom we streamed it all over the internet, because of the relative high profile nature of this, and the fact that I wrote some software for our day to day media capture stuff, I usually end up having to sit through at least 5 of these graduations each year. Given that the graduations consist of; An overly long procession, a speech by the vice Chancellor, a long section where graduates walk across the stage, and a little bit where we give an honorary fellowship out doing this many can be quite boring, but this year I got away with that bit.

Work is such that it was deemed that I am far to busy to do graduations, so I got to stay in the tower and do some work. Well that was the theory, of course for the first two days it the graduation stuff wasn’t quite going to plan (mainly with the archived versions) so I spent quite a bit of time running around trying to get that working.

then I’ve had this stupid hera form to fill out, quite why we as a department have been chosen first when a) the university is unsure if this job evaluation will even effect local contract staff b) we are one of the most complex departments to do, with everyone having a different role c) summer is our busiest time of year. Anyway ours is not to reason why, ours is just to do our job, and occasionally drop everything to fill out a form telling the university why they Pay me (I sort of hoped they knew this).

Graduations eventually went quite well. On the streaming front we maxed out the server only once when we gave an honorary fellowship to Paul O’Grady (a.k.a Lily Savage). You obviously tread a fine line when working out who to give these honorary fellowships to, because let’s be honest it’s mainly about publicity, although its meant to be about acknowledgement of ‘services to Liverpool’. Personally (normal disclaimers apply) think that Paul O’Grady is a bit to much publicity and not enough about services to Liverpool. You have to be very careful, if you go to far then you devalue not just the honorary fellowships, but also the ‘real’ awards we give out. Having said all that the fact that we maxed out the server, proves it was a popular event and there is no such thing as bad publicity