Juggling Work.

I’m taking a small work break, yes I know it’s 9:30 but I’ve been in since eight and by nine o’clock I’d already dealt with six different problems on unrelated systems, so I deserve a little rest.

It’s quite ironic all this juggling that I’ve been doing for the past few months. I spent quite a long time trying to persuade people that software development was better done, when we where allowed to concentrate on one thing and not flitter about. In may I succeeded in this, and the beginning of the summer devoted to one project where I could sit down and do it.

Then Peter fell ill, now I don’t blame him for falling ill and leaving me with all the work, in fact I keep telling him to stop turning up at work, and worry about getting better, Illness happens. I do feel slightly more miffed by the summer ‘desertions’ and all work falling on my desk, although again I don’t begrudge people holidays. I do begrudge all the work falling on me, when I already have a full timetable of my own work, next year I am going to campaign for space to be left in my work schedule to pick up for people who are on holiday.

So i’ve gone from my own project to work through and deliver in three months, to loads of otherwork, filling gaps, and that project well it’s at least one month from delivery and it’s currently two over schedule. in the middle of all this, it was decided to give us the job of filling out these blasted job evaluation forms, right in the middle of our busiest time of year (I wonder if they will ask the achedemics to fill them out while exam marking is in full flow?). As a consequence I now feel like I am being penalized for being busy, I just haven’t had the time to complete the form properly, because I have (rightly or wrongly) made decisions with my time that meant the university IT systems kept on working over filling out the form.

I don’t think it will directly effect my pay (they are not going to say your form gave the lowest score, move to the bottom), but we just don’t know how they are going to take the marks and relate it to pay. I am getting over the why don’t the people who pay me know what I do; rant. Now i’m moving onto the why do I have to drop my real work, just to fill out a form so some stats can be made; rant.

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