By special request

An unnamed commenter (but my money’s on Emily) has asked for more on Daisy, so here we go:

Daisy has been insanely dribbly and difficult, this week, and only after three days of broken nights and bad-temperedness (and I don’t just mean her) did it occur to me to drug her up. Calpol is the most wonderful invention, and it calmed her down beautifully. Then, on Friday, the dribbling stopped as suddenly as it started, and I’ve spotted the very beginning of a tooth poking through at the top of her mouth.

Daisy has had two teeth for three or four months, now, and regular bursts of what we call “teething” have shown little sign of producing any more actual teeth, so on the whole, this is pretty exciting.

She is also getting podgier and podgier (pretty sure she’s building up for a sudden growth spurt), especially about the face, and increasingly infuriating about dressing/nappy changes. She will NOT lie still, and since the desire to roll around puts her at significant risk of rolling off the change table altogether, it’s both frustrating and a little scary. It is not possible to put a disposable nappy onto a baby who is lying on her tummy. I have tried. It doesn’t work.

We’ve really not taken many photos, recently, but you can look at this one, if you like, from a couple of weeks ago. It’s a bit blurry, though.