Don’t you like us?

So, it’s been a while since I expose my innate paranoia to external scrutiny, and today seems as good a day as any.

Kevin and I don’t just blog. I mean, in the sense of writing. We also read other people’s blogs – as likely as not, the blogs of random strangers across whom we stumbled whilst entering equally random words into Google. The thing is, a question has presented itself surrounding normal behaviour on other people’s blogs.

Why don’t you lot write comments?! Here we are, baring our souls, and we KNOW that you’re all out there, reading, and nary a one of you ever bothers to respond. Other people’s readers comment. Other people get six or eight comments a post, sometimes. We do have a certain amount of visitor tracking, aside from when our friends and family refer to what they’ve read, in conversation – we know that you’re there. Build a community! Join in! Comment!

5 thoughts on “Don’t you like us?

  1. i think you’re setting us up for a fall with a title like that. What happens if nobody does like us? and people read the blog because they are just polite/or bad at searching for things in google?

  2. we do like you! its just most people who read your blogs are very very lazy, such as myself! Its great fun reading your blog but putting effort into writing back is just too much for me


    a perfect example of my laziness as i can’t be bothered setting up a blogger account just so my name goes next to the comment

  3. OK, there’s a new Daisy post, now. Kevin thinks I should announce the fact in a new post, rather than a comment, but frankly, I’d rather not go any further down the road of writing a blog to advertise my blog. It all becomes rather self-absorbed and silly (as if this entire site wasn’t either of those things).

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