We’re not actually walking yet. We’ve definitely bypassed the crawling stage though, it was far easier to roll everywhere than it would have been to put all that effort into lifting our bum and head up.

Daisy’s always had strong legs from early on, within the first few months she had worked out how to lock them inplace when ever she wanted to, no she is getting the strength in her arms to pull her self up and stand up from sitting, although this really only happens when the something she is pulling her self up with is mummy or daddy. We’ve done pretend walking with her a few times now, and she has got the hang of the leg thing (moving one in front of the other, you know!), it’s many balance we have to work at.

She’s about as steady on her legs as she was sitting up when it first started, if she gets use to it that quick then she will be walking within a few weeks, but the thing we’ve learnt with Daisy is that things can start of really quick (teeth, crawling looked on once) and then just reach a plateau where she is quite content with it for a while before she carries on.