Photo blindness,

The greatest advantage of digital cameras is the freedom to take as many photographs as you want without having to worry about the development costs. The biggest problem is the huge number of photographs you end up with all over your computer.

Me as a baby, all the way back in 1976

we’ve had a digital camera for a little over 2 years now and I reckon we have around taken around 5000 photographs in that time, all of which at some point or another have been strewn across either Ruth’s or My computer, which is a bit of an annoyance.

today we took a big step towards getting this huge photo archive under control, we’ve used piccasa for a while, although it gives us problems across two machines, it does at least allow us to label the photographs, what it doesn’t to is give us a sensible way to store the pictures on the disk, so we still had folders all over the place.

We’ve decided to store our photographs on the disk purely by date so a photo taken on the 1st may 2004, will go in the 01.May.2004 folder, simple. Except we have 5000 photographs that aren’t stored like this!

Not to worry I’m a nerd we can solve this problem, and after a little code we have something to take photographs from Ruth’s and My computer and put them in one place all stored by date! yippie us….. Except about 1000 is photos either don’t have the right date on them or have had the date changed. So We’ve just spent the best part of two hours going threw folder after folder of photographs, to get them all in the right place, and gosh it’s tiring.