Routine is king

Daisy in a cuter moment

One of the main things Daisy has taught us. routine really really is king. Today daisy’s sleep patterns have been a bit off, meaning she woke from an extra sleep at around 4pm. it’s currently 8:30 well over an hour after she was first put down and Ruth is on the listen to the screaming baby shift, there is noticeably less screaming now, but i think there is probably a good 20 minutes left before she will be asleep.

Usually she will just go straight off, no fuss, but tonight we obviously weren’t tired enough, and now that we are, we are far to wound up to sleep. we’ve just given her Calpol, mainly because she now have a sore throat!

It’s very difficulty to listen to a crying baby. it’s as if they have this special frequency that is pitched just right to go through whatever defences you might put up, of course she has the counter defences too, just as you are about to loose the will to live she goes and throws you a cute gurgle, or daddy.

We should have known she was going to be awful we had that tell tail cuteness just before bed, it’s as if she was softening us up.