Jumping the shark

It’s more driven by my laptop, showing signs of age than anything but I think I’m going to jump the shark on the internet for a bit, well OK not totaly thing just scale back really.

laptopThe problem at night so often revolves around the fact that I am tired, and sitting at a pooter and mindlessly surfing the internet, seems like an easy option (not as easy as watching Phil and kirsty trash hull). Now my pooter is on deaths door, (dodgy processor, fan, and or hard drive) I thought I would just unplug for a bit.

Work is a bit more complex, you see I’m paid to use computers so, I can’t stop. I can however scale back on the amount of information I try to plough through each day, to that end I’m reducing the number of RSS feeds I read, currently RSSBandit shows I have 171 feeds which this morning had 290 unread items on them. This is to much, so I’m going to cull hopefully I will cull the chaff and trash and leave the feeds that actually have useful information. For a start I plan to keep the following

  • BBC News [rss] – Without this I just will have no idea waits going on in the world, I don’t read newspapers and I don’t watch TV News. At least the beeb are fairly balanced when it comes to reporting.
  • Joel on Software [rss] – Joel is my hero, he doesn’t post all the time but when he does they are usually very good.
  • The Old New Thing [rss]- this is the blog to read if you want to now how software works
  • Eric.Weblog() [rss] – in the mold of Joel (it may be older I don’t know), infrequent but useful
  • The Average Joe [rss]- Not that I am ever going to write a book, but this blog from a publisher, is really very interesting.
  • The Guardian Online Blog [rss] – at least at first I’m going to let the guarding keep me upto date on technology.
  • Flickr Liverpool Tagged photos [rss] – this is an interesting look at all photos posted to flicker from Liverpool.
  • The Channel 9 [rss]- short videos from Microsoft talking to the people who actually make the stuff.

feeds I once felt important; but I’ve gotten rid off

  • SimpleBits [rss] – A fab web site with lots of web design stuff, but the blog doesn’t bring me any value
  • Scobleizer [rss]- to much of this is fighting anti-microsofties, which is his want if not job, it’s not that I don’t have time for scoble I just don’t have time for the Microsoft black helicopter league who follow him around
  • Slashdot [rss] – see above, why is everything a conspiracy theory against you? Also contrary to popular belief this site is hardly ever the first place with the news.
  • The Register [rss]- now this is harder, but recently the register has just become a more moderated version of Slashdot. They have a couple of reporters who are loose cannons, there credibility has taken a dive recently with some off the wall stories.
  • You Had Me at EHLO [rss]- the exchange blog, it’s fantastic. Tells me lots about exchange, but I don’t actually work on the exchange servers her so I’m reluctantly calling this chaff.
  • Adam Curry [rss] – Podcasting is a cool idea, but I never got in to the routine and while Adam is the farther of it all, his podcasts tend just to be all about podcasting (just like those blogs about blogs) – sadly chaff.
  • Reuters – Oddly Enough [rss] – all the stupid stories from around the world, I know this is silly, that’s why I’m getting rid, but it’s the most likely to return.

So that’s it, while writing this post I’ve reduced my reading list from 171 to 8. of course the aim was to reduce the amount of time I spent doing silly stuff, you have no idea how long this post just took to write.

Now You can see my new lean and mean set of feeds on bloglines

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