Well, have you tried living with him?!

Kevin’s shark-jumping decision appears to have led him into a place of frenzied and exhausting (to watch, anyway) activity. He suddenly started stripping wall-paper from the walls of the dining room, last night. Now, there are several aspects to this development which make me Very Nervous Indeed:
Kevin, demonstrating his ability to fall asleep without warning

  • Kevin is a slap-dash sort of chap. More of an ideas person, than a follower-through, if you catch my drift. The idea of his unsupervised decorating is a troubling one.
  • Whenever he gets all full of energy and dynamic-ness (I suppose the word ought to be dynamite, now I come to think of it), he over does it. In short, the risk of his starting something catastrophic in the dining room, and then keeling over and going to sleep without ever finishing it, is significant. And Kevin is a man of momentum. If he loses that, he’s left with nothing.
  • We learn to live with things really easily. The morning room was stripped to the plaster for three and half years, and within three months, we didn’t even notice it any more. If/when the momentum becomes lost, it can take a long time to find it again.

Mostly, though, I object to how tiring it is to watch. Still, he may prove me wrong, and present me with the most beautiful dining room on Merseyside. We can but hope.

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