de-decorating (or preparing surfaces)

I’m quite proud of me. As Ruth points out I am a man of momentum, so I have to work very hard at keeping my mind going on one thing, so it’s with great pride, that I can say I am still working on the dining room, even after taking the weekend off.

I’ve finished stripping wall paper (well all but I tiny bit behind a radiator, that I plan to do when I have to replace it), and now I am ready to start filling holes and painting gloss. Filling holes is easy, I just need a tool, and some filler, gloss however is my least favourite thing, which may explain why I’m so bad at it. Given my complete lack of skill when it comes to gloss, we have decided it would be best if we do the gloss before the wallpaper goes up, that way we can hide all of my awful mistakes with wallpaper and paint.

if you are wondering how we are going to decorate the room, then so am I. I am happily going along stripping the wallpaper, ready to put lining paper up, then we are going to paint the room, now we do have the paint, we bought it at the same time as I painted the hall which was over three years ago, so there is a good chance that we will get the paint out, and then decided to paint it a different colour.

The idea that I could take a week off and paint both the hall and the dining room was a silly one, this house has huge rooms. Given that I am now only doing the room in my spare time, I think it’s going to take the best part of three months to do just the dining room, and if I remember rightly the hall took over a full week.

when I get around to the front room*, I’m going to make it easy on myself, I have decided that we will get that room skimmed, and then we can just paint without all the faff of lining paper.

*no plans as yet,I’m very cautions about mentioning to many changes at once, for fear of making Ruth curl up and hide.

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