A Levels are Easy

No they are not!

It happens every year, It’s easy journalism you see, every August you get to recycle the stories you used last year, with just a few numbers changed. Well it’s lazy, and irresponsible. People work very hard for A Levels; I would say you can work harder during those two years then you do for your degree.

So you’ve put a lot of effort in, worked a massive amount of hours (& your only 17 remember), you wake up on the morning of the results, and are confronted by a story by some lazy old hack who has just cut and past last years story into his news paper, telling the world how you’ve been gifted your A Levels.

Well if they are easy, you try completing some of these questions from the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

For any easy question why don’t you try, question 6 from this Maths paper. I’ve printed this paper off, and any one if anyone tells me they are easy they will have to answer the questions.

my take on why the pass rate goes up:
Maybe, just maybe the education system in this country is getting better!