Daisy is going through a bit of a self feeding phase at the moment, which i can tell you makes for messy tea times. thankfully it’s only tea and lunch times at the moment, and she’s not trying to eat her morning porridge with her hands. It can be quite infuriating, but if you get the right foods on her plate it’s not to bad, yesterday we even did some self feeding with the spoon, it had to be mashed potato, because you can squish it down so it doesn’t (easily) come off a waved spoon.

Daisy Smiling
Daisy, with a big grin on her face

We are still working at crawling and walking, there’s no rush because rolling is doing fine. we had a moment of daisy hasn’t got enough dexterity toys on Sunday and go her a wooden sorter block. not the greatest one in the world, as many of the shapes fit through more than one hole, but Daisy likes it.

Lego Quatro is the favourite for the birthday present. on a recent visit to some friends with a 15 month old son, we (and by we i do mean daisy and me) enjoyed playing with the lego, daddy would build a big tower, and daisy would come and knock it down, hours of fun.