The Scaffolding is up,

It’s a bit early, but apparently the scaffolding bloke has been dead busy, so the scaffolding for the roof went up today.

Next Tuesday the roofers will come, and start to take all the slate off, put down felt, and put on the new batons, and then put all the slate back. They are going to rebuild the top of the chimney while their up there too, oh it’s all exciting.

We had the central heating done last week, and besides the small matter of a drippy ceiling for one day it’s all gone well, the central heating bloke came today, and said, the drip was his fault, he thought he had a cloth mopping up the mess, but he obviously missed a bit. Not to worry though, I’m decorating that room anyway and the whole ceiling needed a good painting.

The only major thing left then will be the windows, it turns out there is a huge waiting list for the windows so they won’t be happening until November, but still once all the work is scheduled we can just sit back and let it all happen.