The roof update

We’re half way through the roof now, the front of the house has no tiles on but it at least water proof (the felt is down), it turns out our tiles where a little bit flimsy, and quite a lot of them fell apart as they took them off the roof, so it’s going to cost a little more, we are getting the tiles from the back of the house put on the front, then the remaining tiles are going on the back, and the short fall is being made up by Spanish slate which is much cheaper than welsh slate, and as far as I can tell looks the same.

the roofer, is doing a grand job, and has started to offer me tips on other bits of the house, Ruth thinks he’s taken pity on me because I work with pooters, and took the baby to the supermarket (obviously I’m not man enough). So he has been telling me how I can use some ‘stock’ brick to ‘bag out’ the front wall, I’ve virtually no idea what any of that means but he has said he will show me how to do it.