Not the roof: Finding a new church,

As I’ve said there are other things going on in our lives, at the moment.

One thing we haven’t posted much about, mainly because it’s been quite a sensitive issue, is the fact that after many months of turmoil and soul searching, we’ve left our church. This was a difficult time, for Ruth, Dove had been church for around 10 years, pretty much since she came back to Liverpool to go to uni. For me Dove had been my only church since becoming a Christian around 5 years ago. I’m not going to go in to great detail as to why we left, lets just say it was hard.

During the summer, most churches dwindle in size as everybody goes off on holiday, so we’ve had most Sundays off over the last few months, with the promise to ourselves that we would start to look for a new church in September. Well September is here and the Gilberts returned from there around America trip, so armed with friends we went church hunting on Sunday.

Last Sunday was South Liverpool Vineyard, who meet at Greenbank Collage, just down the road from us, now not being a life long Christian I didn’t know much about the Vineyard collection of churches, I got the impression that they where quite happy clappy and in your face, so I was a bit wary of the trip, but I have to say I liked it. Ruth was initially a bit worried that it might be to dove-like, and hence draw all the comparisons, but I think we overcame that quite quickly.

We where also a bit worried by the action focus of the midweek groups, which again does tend to grate with us a bit, I can’t say why really it just feels uncomfortable, but having talked to quite a few people in the church, I am much more reassured by them, my only worry now is finding a niche.

Overall, I do like South Liverpool Vineyard (even if they do have a long name) and to be honest I could see us settling in there quite nicely, but I don’t want to get carried away just yet, we’ve only been to once church so far, and we’ve only been once. Maybe over the next few months we’ll see.

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