Creative block

It’s quite sad; I’ve been looking at inspirational writing web sites, for an idea on what to write about. The problem is they are all a bit samey and I don’t want to write about “What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability” It’s all a bit to abstract really.

bunnyWhen I get like this it’s usually because work isn’t challenging me enough, and my inner creative being is fighting to get out. I would really enjoy it if I could release my creative being through writing; well I think I would enjoy it because it never seems to happen. Instead I surf the internet for a few hours searching for inspiration, usually end up with some idea or another on how to write a cool program to do something and start coding only to stop after around 20 lines, I mean that’s not even the write type of writing.

I know I shouldn’t put myself under pressure to write fantastic prose, because that’s just going to make it less likely to happen, I could try painting again!. Maybe not, the problem I have is that I am a member of the instant gratification generation so unless I can start my creative process at 10 past and have it completed by half past I’m just not interested.