Holiday Blog (Part 1/6)

So here we are again, we’re off for another week in the Isle of Wight, The mad packing frenzy is over and the couch in the morning room is now spilling over with our belongings.

Ruth is a great one for lists, which despite all my disparaging remarks to make the whole process go much smoother. I just think without someone to put the breaks on it, the list making could become all consuming; we would be in danger of spending too much time, on list layout, and colours, and on extra lists such as primarily packing order and car loading orders. Luckily for Ruth I’m here as the voice of reason :o)

Last April when we went we also got all the food shopping and stuffed that into the car, this year we are going for the much more sensible approach of Tesco home (or should that be holiday) delivery, which hopefully will arrive a couple of hours after we do. That does mean we will have more room in the car, which we will need, because Ruth’s mum is coming too, so it’s three adults and one baby for a week, all in one car.

Of course as I write everything is packed except the laptop. Always the last thing to get put into a bag.