Holiday Blog (Part 4/6) Osborne House

Today has been a long day; its 9:30 and we are scuttling off to bed. Daisy’s room, is a bit like a lean too, attached to the end of our room, and as such has windows on every side, so it would be an impossible task to black it out, so we haven’t tried. This does mean however that daisy is waking up as it goes light, which is around 6:15-6:30, which makes for a very long day, especially when you are planning to fill the day with stuff.

Today we went to Osborne house, the favourite home of Queen Victoria. It’s a bit of a peculiar place, with lots of little (on the royal scale) rooms, and some quite strange architecture, apparently Albert and Vicky liked cosy, so they built themselves a cosy house in a few hundred acres of land, overlooking the Solent, presumably so they could look out at all they owned, and watch the navy come in and out from all the pink bits of the map they also had control over.