Holiday Blog (Part 5/6) Applying for the Job

So I’ve applied for the job. I weighed it up, and in the end I’ve decided that it would be enjoyable, and would be challenging, and if there is something my current job, sometimes lacks is enjoyment and a challenge.

The only problem I had then was getting the application form back to the university, given I am currently encamped in a place that doesn’t even offer a gas supply or a decent mobile phone signal, never mind a internet connection. Last time we came John had this problem, which we solved by going to the nearest UKOnline centre which at was in Shanklin, because the Ventnor one had closed.

This morning I packed the laptop in the car, and popped down to Shanklin, only to find the UKOnline centre was now a sweet shop, bit of a problem their, so I went to the tourist information centre, to see where it had got too, it turns out it has gone to Sandown, but it was OK because as the woman at the tourist information centre said, “Zak’s got internet access”, I thought this was a bit ominous, that we knew that zak was the man to ask, what he was probably the first person with that elastic-trickery too.

I trudged off to the location of Zak’s which on closer inspection turned out to be the shop of the island nerd, filled to the gills with bits of radios, TV’s mobile phones, and 4 computers offering (shared) 1Mb internet Access! (context: we’ve got 4mb at home, and you can get 10mb now), so I asked Zak, if I could use some of his precious band width, and he kindly agreed, so after burning my application form to a CD on the laptop. Then I “logged” on to his internet PC’s which we’re obviously cutting edge for the island, and were running Windows 95, I mean it’s only just 10 years old.

It was good to see that Zak’s had its resident geek, who was sitting next to me, playing some sort of online geeky dungeons and dragons game, who then turned to Zak to tell him this piece of life changing information:
“Zak, I’ve worked out another use for the mordurp ring you found”,
“You need to be wearing it when you kill, fadarp the goonly”

I quickly finished my email to personnel, gathered my things and left the shop, I feel a bit dirty now, I’ll go and get a shower.