An Apology


You we’re right, I’ve read that post on this website (it’s gone now), and it very easy to read it totally the other way to what I meant to say. When I wrote it last night I was worried that if I carried on I would let my emotions get the better of me and say things I didn’t mean, when in reality, stopping when I did left it open to far to much interpretation.

I don’t for a moment doubt that you worked hard for the job, and I have total faith in the fact that it was a fair interview process. When I say I expected you to get the job, I did, but not because of any other reason that you have been doing it well for the past twelve months, I think it would be unfair to you if that wasn’t counted in the interview, and if I was in Normans position I would appoint the person with the most experience without question.

My anger isn’t towards you or the interview processed at all, if anything I was just angry that I wasn’t given an opportunity to apply for the post in the first instance, I felt that the decision twelve months ago to ring fence the maternity cover to cwis never gave me the opportunity to apply under different circumstances (not that I’m saying I would have got it then either, or infact that Kevin would have let me move, as we know when I then tried)

As I said, I didn’t think for a moment it wouldn’t be a fair interview process. to be honest, I am of the option that if you do a good enough job covering, they shouldn’t have to put the job out to interview, as the last 12 months for you will have been more rigorous than any interview could be.

In the end I went for the job mainly because I’ve always wanted it, and deep down I knew that, but deep down I think I always knew that you had the experience and qualities to take it, I was trying to talk my self down as not to get to upset at the end. I’m not sure that worked but hey ho.

Again I am sorry if I gave the impression that in any way you don’t deserve the job, it wasn’t my intention.

with your permission I would like to put this reply on the web site in place of that ‘post’, as I don’t want to leave it hanging in the balance and look like I just took off the comments because you asked me to, and people interpret that as any implicit belief in anything they thought it said.

– Kevin.