Soducku, So doo coo, SockduckCoo

Ok, I admit it, I don’t quite know how to pronounce it, never mind spell it, but we have (rather reluctantly on my part). Become addicted to Sudoku. Ruth decided to get the book while to while away a few hours while we where on the Isle of wight, and I sat around mocking at first, just for effect.

You see, I have an A’Level in Maths, and am generally a bit dismissive of logic puzzles, so I pretended to be above all this fitting numbers into boxes lark, ofcourse, I looked at one, and became totally hooked. No I am trying not to do more than one a day, and only when I really have the time, Daisy does some times look a bit perplexed when both mummy and daddy are looking intently at bits of paper, while she is trying to stand up for the first time.