Extraordinary co-incidences – Hi, Shu!

Two odd things happened, this week, and they were all the odder, because they happened together.

On Wednesday, Daisy got a birthday card from a very, very old friend of mine, with whom I lost touch about eight or nine years ago. It must be five years since the last time I bumped into her on the bus (which I think happened twice). We shared houses at University, two years in a row (which means that she must have the patience of a saint, or else the people we lived with the first year were so awful that she didn’t notice how bad I could be). I use too many brackets. I will try to cut down.

Anyway, towards the end of my final year, she started seeing this guy, in that Can’t-Bear-To-Be-Apart-For-A-Minute way that happens when you first meet the love of your life. I wasn’t very understanding then – I’ve done it myself, since, of course, and irritated other people at least as much, so I’m a lot more sympathetic, but I got pretty cross and disproportionate at the time, and I imagine that was a major factor in our drifting apart almost as soon as we moved out of the house. In any case, we did.

So when Daisy got a birthday card not only from Shu, but from her husband and a daughter I knew nothing about, I was a bit stunned. I really wanted to follow it up, make the second move, as it were, but there were no contact details or anything, so all I could do was look at it, and go, “That’s really weird. Who told her?!”

Today, two days later, Daisy and I were struggling to fill the day – we’d tried Lynn, she was out, we’d tried Tess, she was out too, and a small contretemps around the confused road-markings where Queen’s Drive is closed, caused me to find myself driving off in the opposite direction to my house. I kind of shrugged, and decided to go to Otterspool instead. We got there, went for a little walk along the prom, and headed back to the car. Next to my car, a woman was manhandling a pram of the sort that I wish we’d bought (one of these, since you ask), except hers was an unusual colour, and as I was processing these thoughts, the woman caught my eye, and said, “Oh, hello!” And it was Shu.

I swear, it’s been years. What are the odds of just bumping into her like that, two days after we got a card right out of the blue?!

Anyway, with extensive persuasion(!) from me, she ditched the idea of her walk, and we went into the Otterspool for coffee instead, and spent a lovely hour or more catching up. I’ve learned that her baby is seven months old, and I’ve invited them round next week, and they’re coming, which is fab. It was really nice, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am to be back in touch.