Broken tooth

On the downside, as well as Daisy’s birthday party, Sunday was also punctuated with the collapse of one of my teeth. I had it filled not long ago, and Kevin the Dentist said at the time that the remaining tooth on one side was very thin, and he didn’t want to over-file it in case it shattered. So he didn’t, and six weeks later it shattered anyway.

It didn’t hurt, thankfully, it just made me very cross, and gave me one extra thing to think about when I was already busy, and full of a cold.

Yesterday, Kevin the Dentist (his full title distinguishes him from Kevin the Husband) patched it up, so I don’t have a big, rough, gaping hole on one side of my tooth any more, but the long-term solution is a crown, which will cost the better part of ?100. So, deep joy, there.

Interestingly enough, a gold crown is about ?1.50 cheaper than a white one. I decided that I wasn’t sufficiently middle-aged for a gold crown, so I’m going to splash out on the white one…