Writing not reading,

So after the heady experience of actually finishing a book (a rarer event for me than starting a book), I’ve got all carried away and started to write one. Not that I’ve got any skills in that area, as you no doubt know if you read enough of this web site, but I thought, I’d give it a go, you never know maybe I would strike it lucky.

Anyway, with nothing more that an empty page, and the name of the main character, I started to type, mostly at random, and mainly about stuff. But type I did, and after 30 mins, I had a whole page, of 432 words! Only 172 pages 74,568 word more and I’d have a book.

So I bet your dying to know what my book is about. No ? Well I’m going to tell you anyway, It’s about some stuff, a man named Clive, who has a coffee table and sells tiles…. There is more to it than that, but I can’t tell you what, because I don’t know yet, as I said, I just started typing, so there isn’t a plot as such, more of a first page.

I haven’t even decided what type of story it’s going to be yet, It might be sci-fi, but I doubt it, I could be romance, but I’m not very good at sloppy, it might be crime, that could be fun, murder mystery or travel and adventure with a bit of everything, I suppose it all depends on my mood.

anyway, after one day as an future best selling writer, I’ve hit that age old problem every one in my profession gets from time to time; writer’s block. It’s not that I haven’t got ideas for the rest of the story, infact I’ve been rewriting the first paragraph of the second page in my head all day, it’s just when I came to write it down tonight, it didn’t quite look right, So I deleted it and surfed the internet for a bit instead.

My novel is still sitting open in word, awaiting inspiration, but I haven’t had any in the last 30 mins, so there it sits, 75,568 words short of a masterpiece, With the potential to knock Harry potter of the number one spot on Amazon, maybe I will go get some food, the trip downstairs may inspire me*.

*Kevin is feeling a bit strange today