Not Writing

My novel lasted long, about 2 days. For me that’s quite a long lasting fad, I’m not saying I’m stopping the writing, just that I’m probably not going to finish that particular story. I was in a bit of a place when I wrote it, and at the time, I though it was quite good, but since then I’ve read it back and I don’t like it.

I think it tries to hard, and there is no way I could maintain that level of sarcasm all the way though a book without getting really irritated by it.

Anyway I think it’s pap, it hasn’t been checked by the grammar police, but I’m going to let you read it anyway. If you are so inclined you can download the first page of my never to be completed novel. Clive and the stuff.

please feel free to tell me it’s pap (and no that’s not a plea for people to tell me it’s good), what I would be interested in, is any idea’s as to where this story would go on page two.