It’s All because of Fraud (oh and some errors)

A report has been released by the House of Commons Committe of Public accounts, in to Fraud and Error in the benfit system,

According to the report there was ?3billion lost due to fraud and errors last year, ?1.1billion ish* was down to errors, although the fraud bit may have a lot of errors in it too..

“there had in recent years been little change in levels of customer error, much of it caused by the complexity of the benefits.”

So it’s more likely to be errors than fraud? , but that’s OK because , we know why we got the errors.

“the disruption caused by the introduction of new techniques and improved IT systems had increased the level of official error”

How can something be called an improvement if it increases errors? Still it’s nice to know that it’s not just us, who have problems putting in new IT systems, but that most of the public sector is bad at it too.

*it’s only an estimate, because the’ve had to round up the figures up/down because the scale of the errors is so high.