West Wing.

So the west wing Season 6 has finnaly arived. As you may or may not know we are a bit West Wing mad in our house, so we’ve been waiting for season 6 for an awfully long time, you see channel 4 delayed the broacast a bit so they could put it on their new channel more4, as a result it was actually out on DVD before telly, but we decided to wait.

What we did do, was start watching our DVD’s of the west wing from the beginning, in the hope of getting to the end of season 5 before season 6 started on the telly, the only problem with that was we started watching in july and well each season has 22 episodes and while we are obsesive, we couldn’t bring ourselfs to waching the required amount of episodes each night to make it by october. No matter; we watch the West Wing for enjoyment not for any gret feats of televisual marathons. As it is we are currently just past the beginning of season 4 on DVD and season 6 has started on telly.

Of course we watched the telly last night, and the two hour double bill to start, which was calculated to end on a cliff hanger. I wonder how much of a jump the amazon sales for the DVD got at around 11pm last night when everybody stopped watching and went “i can’t wait another week to find out!”, We of course have greater willpower than that :o). As of yet we don’t own season 6 on DVD