Kevin does ‘solid’ work shocker

News that may come to a shock to a few of you, I had a productive day today at work, almost the whole way though, It’s mainly the curse of the open office, and the fact that after *cough* 6 *cough* years working at one place you tend to become responsible and know about quite a few things, so interruptions and questions are all part of the daily life.

Programming however, is not a process that can be easily interrupted, not the way I do it anyway.

my desk
My Desk, on a tidy day

It has been suggested that it takes, around 15 minutes to get into the ‘Zone’ where you head is in the right place and filled with all the right bits of salient information for you to be able to piece what you are doing together efficiently, effectually and not least correctly. No I work in an office where, when it’s full 15 minutes of interruptions time is rare. So I’m just getting my head around something when…..Kevin?’ and it all falls out of my head, and tumbles on the floor – a lot like my finishing move when juggling. I dutifully answer the query, because I’m genuinely a nice guy, honest. And then I try to pick up the pieces again, and this continues through out the day.

There are strategies to deal with this in an open office, head phones is a favorite, but to be honest it doesn’t work, I’m considering a big sign that says, “I am Holding several interrelated concepts in my head at once please do not disturb” but one I think that’s a bit to long winded, and the size of the text will have to be small to fit it on the sign, and then people will have to come close to read it! And then they will ask me about it! The coding stare is one I haven’t quite mastered, mainly because I have my back to a lot of people, so they wouldn’t get the benefit of it anyway, and then there is the working away from your desk, which is all well and good, except my desk has all my computers on it, set up the way I like them, so it would probably defeat the exercise.

Anyway, today wasn’t like that I got some work done, with hardly any interruptions, I don’t know maybe I was more awake than is the norm for a Monday in the office, or maybe I just struck it lucky, I don’t for a second expect this working streak to last, that’s why I have a project that if I could get my head down and do, would be 3-4 weeks work, ear-marked as 3 months! I expect it will take that too, because around 6 weeks into something like this, the political world shifts underneath you and something far less significant has suddenly become the most important thing the world.