Look Daddy I can stand up….

Yes dear, but it’s bed time and you’re meant to be lying down.

that’s what’s happening at bed times at the moment, Ruth is currently battling with Daisy, trying to pursued her that it is indeed bed time and lying down is the much preferred option. Daisy on the other hand is happy to stand up when ever she can and push her toy though the bars.

Not being a baby who has ever just fallen asleep (she has always need to be put to sleep), leaving her, results in fits of hysteretics. It was going so well, the putting down, we (in truth Ruth does most of this) where progressing to putting daisy down awake, and moving slowly further and further away each night, until we where out the room, and Daisy would just go to sleep.

as is the way, this got interrupted, and we never really managed to get it back, this wasn’t to much of a problem until Daisy changed her sleep patterns, she now sleeps in until around 7:30 in the morning (from 6:30). And her sleep is now consistently in the afternoon, I think this shifting of the daytime sleep. Means that she is becoming reluctant to go down at 7:20. Which is now leading to these stand offs (pun intended – I’m a dad!)

it’s not that she’s not ready for bed, she is tired, she’s just not tired enough to be unable to fight it, and we don’t believe that waiting until she is that tired is going to do anybody in the house any good. So we sit and we put her down and she stands up and we put her down, and she stands up…. And eventually we either crack or she gets the drift.