It’s OK I’m a bit better now,

I wasn’t laying on with a trowel, I was genuinely not well yesterday, I had aces and pains, and walking up the stairs took it out of me.

however, it would appear that two paracetomol sorted me out. And I awoke this morning disturbingly well, especially given how we had a bad night with Daisy. So I eventually a little groggy but generally ok I’ve made it into work (see i told you i was a little soldier).

anyway, a combination of yesterday and the bad night, meant I got up late, and hence got a later train, and gosh it was depressing,

On the train I usually get (around 7:30am) most people are still half alseep, so it’s not full of beaming faces, but even so on the next train (around 8am) most people appear to have woken up, and are now facing up to the reality of another day in work, so everybody has long faces!. It made me appreciate my half asleep, just before the real rush hour train just that little bit more.