Another photo thingy

I’m quite enjoying making these photo montage things now. I think it’s the puzzle solver in me, they are very much like one off jigsaws.

today we have the Anglican Cathedral;
Anglican Cathedral
The Anglican cathedral in 23 photographs.

it’s quite cool, this one, but it does have a missing photograph (just on the right in the middle) that’s the most annoying part of it all really, you take loads of photos – around 50 in this case, then you start putting them together, a lot of them you don’t need because you have two or three of the same bit, but then you find for no real reason you’ve missed a bit, and you don’t have a photo of it anywhere!

Sometimes you can get away with it (blow another image up a bit, graft a bit from over there) but with this one I have no photo to fit the gap, so I’ve left it in. Let’s just pretend it’s intentional.

3 thoughts on “Another photo thingy

  1. Another great photo, Kevin! If you keep going, we’re going to be stuck for choice for Lucy’s 18th (we really must sort that out before we forget and, before we know it, Lucy will be 19 – we do that sort of thing in our family).
    On the subject of ‘Joiner Photos’, I really must lend you my David Hockney book (it’s in school at the moment, so it’ll have to wait a bit). It’s the only Art book that I own that I’ve read some of the writing. Question: Is God a Cubist?
    I keep looking at Daisy’s blog to find out how her MMR went, but to no avail. I don’t have to ring and ask, do I?

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