Jumping the Shark on…….Google !

As you may know I’m a bit faddy. I start things, and I give up, I get all enthused about something and then I get bored of it. Well you may find it hard to believe but occasionally I actually stick at things. This blog is proof of that, when I started I never thought I would still be going three and a half years later, but here we are, still rambling on.

googlelogoAnyway one thing I haven’t (until now) gotten bored of is google, google for so long have offered the coolest tools, the search is cool, gmail or (should I say googlemail) is cool, google groups rocks, and of course they own blogger which is what runs this blog, and that’s cool too. However the little voice inside my head is urging me on,

“google search is ok, but it’s not fantastic anymore, when was the last time you actually tried one of the other search tools? You could be missing out on all sorts because you are controlled by google”

Well yes, that last bits a bit paranoid, but it’s a thing worth thinking about, just why do I use google? Well mainly it’s because it was the best search engine 3 years ago, and why switch? Well in three years, yahoo have bought nearly every other search company, and Microsoft have decided that search is something they need to be in. So have the search engines changed?

Only one way to find out really, I’m jumping the shark on goolge and switching to MSN search for a while, and no it’s not because bill gates is talking it up, it’s much more ego based.

If you search for Kevin Jump on google, you get something about some Kevin being told to jump to it, but not my main blog, if you search for Kevin Jump on MSN you get the main blog home page first. This is what I would expect, I am the only Kevin jump with any real web presents, I can’t really think of a time when you would type Kevin Jump in to a search engine and not be searching for me, so I should be top.

Ruth is an even better case in point, Ruth on Google gets you her staff page, which hasn’t been touched in years, Ruth Jump on MSN gets our homepage, much more sensible

msn logoSo based on this I’m moving to MSN. Well mainly this, the bullying is probably working to, you see I have MSN Messenger, and that has a MSN search box, and MSN Desktop search (toolbar turned off) and that searches MSN, almost anything coming out of Microsoft now, has an MSN search box on it, so for a while at least I’m going to give up and let Microsoft find the things on the internet for me, I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in a few days.