Daisy’s MMR

A Quick update on Daisy’s MMR jab for people who want to know ( although phoning is allowed 🙂 )

It hasn’t happened.

Ruth and Daisy went to see the health visitor on Tuesday, but Daisy still has the tail end of a cold, so the jabs have been postponed until next week. The Health visitor said that daisy was probably well enough to have the jabs, but then we would have a baby trying to recover from the injections and a cold, and it might be difficult to tell the symptoms apart.

As a side note, it was a different health visitor this time, and Ruth felt a lot less told off than she usually does.

I don’t know if we’ve said it before, but I get the impression we aren’t as freaked out by the MMR jab, as the health visitors and doctors think we are, obviously since all the hype a few years ago they are very jumpy and have thrust the MMR leaflets upon us everything we walk through the door. We are always given the opportunity to ‘just talk’ about any concerns we might have. To be honest my biggest concern is that daisy won’t like it, cry loads and look at the person who took her, and go “but I thought you liked me”.

We listen to quite a lot of news, and read quite a lot too, and while there was a bit of media frenzy for a while, that seams to have been calming down recently (hey we have bird flu to worry about know), which in part is a pity because not everyone will have picked up that the one scientist who raised all the worries in the first place has long since rescinded his remarks and done new studies stating the opposite.