Sleep bulletin

Daisy - another photo, twelve months old
I can’t believe how well it’s going.

The last three nights in a row, I have left Daisy awake in her room, and gone away, and she has subsequently settled herself to sleep.

This is very exciting for me.

It started because of how, on the first night, she was so blatantly messing about, and not trying to sleep, and frankly, I got bored of reading Hamlet while she scooted around the floor of the cot (but didn’t stand up – she got that lesson in a couple of days), not going to sleep. So I very carefully stepped out of her view, still reading. No reaction. I stepped further, so that I was out onto the landing. Still no reaction. Then I grabbed hold of the door, and, reading all the time, I pulled it closed, very, very slowly. No reaction. I stepped further into the hall, then into the study, and stopped reading when I was far enough into the room to put the book on the ironing board.

She was still wittering to herself, but she wasn’t upset, and after about twenty minutes, it all went quiet. She went to sleep all by herself, and I’m so proud I could burst.

The next night, I read for a much shorter period of time, and it worked again. Tonight I pushed my luck – stood outside the door, and hesitated before I started reading, just wondering if she was now happy to let me just walk away. She wasn’t, and I had to read for longer to calm her down, before I dared close the door and creep off, but even so, the whole process only took five minutes or so. At this rate, we could achieve the coveted put-her-down-and-walk-away by the end of the week!

And even if we don’t, even if this is as good as it gets for a while, it’s pretty good!