The Library’s back,

So this is what I do when the clocks go back, and I am waiting for the rest of the house to get up, the Jump Library is back up.

woo hoo I hear you say, but just think about it. Once again you can look at the contents of our book shelves without having to go anywhere near our house, isn’t modern technology grand.

technologically, this time the library should be much more stable, the first time around I wrote it in JavaScript, which was mainly driven by where our website lived, and because I wanted to. It worked ok (if you where on a PC) but had a few problems, so when we moved the site to I always intended to re-write it in php, which after a very quick self lead crash course in php I have now done.

there are still a few things missing, last time there was a form to fill in to ask if you could borrow a book, that’s going to come back, and we had the pompously titled ‘reading room’ which was a sort of discussion thing, that was only there because I liked the name, I might not bring that back.

still you should go browse the library, currently there are 223 books, which is around half our collection.